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Season’s greetings

Dear all, I am now taking a break from my blog to celebrate Christmas with the family. I’ll be back with more observations after the holidays. Have a good one. Regards, Rolf Soderlind absolutwriting Advertisements

My pet hates 7 – going forward…

The phrase “going forward” is one of those clichés that have spread like swine flu over the past several years and it now is a staple of newspeak and business, academic and political communication. In speech and in writing, many people today find it impossible to complete a sentence without adding “going forward” for no […]

Writing tip 5 – this is very unique…

Did you ever hear of a very original document or, for that matter, a pretty much original one? Words such as “very” and “pretty much” often dilute the message. A document is either original or it isn’t.

Palin website needs updating

Sarah Palin may have quit as governor of Alaska last year, but her official website still has her as governor of the 49th U.S. state. Lesson to be learned: if you’ve got a website you’d better make sure it’s up to date or you’ll lose credibility.

Writing tip 4 – removing redundant words

Here is a way to shorten a text by deleting words you don’t need, such as a number of prepositional phrases, in getting your message across. So what’s the reward? You save words and get to the point quicker.

Two ways of addressing a PR crisis

Perhaps you remember Toyota’s crisis over defective accelerator pedals last February. The Japanese car manufacturer had to recall thousands of cars to rectify the problem. Here are two statements from Toyota in Britain that showed completely different approaches to the situation.

My pet hates 6 – having a problem with an issue

There was a time when a problem was a problem in the world of business. This is no longer necessarily the case. Today many managers and helpdesks will identify a problem as an issue. Why?