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My pet hates 4 – too many fonts, such an affront

Fonts – Few things annoy me more than a website or an email where the authors randomly and excessively throw in different fonts such as bold or italics, underlined text or bigger font sizes, even other colours, to draw attention to what they are trying to say.

Yes, you may wish to write your keywords in, say, bold. But I suggest that you use those fonts sparingly for good effect. Don’t mix them up or your homepage or email could easily look like a child’s drawing in a school contest.

It is as if some writers don’t think their readers would otherwise understand their main points. However, all they’re doing is underestimating their audience. They do that at their peril because Internet users vote with a click of the mouse.

I welcome your comments.

Rolf Soderlind

http://www.absolutwriting.com/ absolutwriting


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