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Writing tip 8 – get to the point

Readers are all busy today. They don’t read online, they skim through websites. They want to know what’s in it for them. If they can’t find an answer quickly, they will move on. Are you about to write something? Don’t bore your audience with background in the introduction. Get to the point. Advertisements

Writing tip 7 – keep your subordinate clauses short and sweet

Imagine you’re starting to explain something in a document, but you keep your reader guessing before you get to the point. That’s what can happen if you begin your sentence with a long subordinate clause. Why is that?

My pet hates 10 – apostrophe catastrophe 2 (Update)

Having a beer today in the pub in the village where I live I spotted a sign on a shelf saying: “The quiz has gone on it’s summer holiday!!!! Please re-join us in September.” At first I couldn’t make out what it meant. So, the quiz had gone somewhere and it happens to be summer […]

My pet hates 9 – apostrophe catastrophe 1

There is an easy way to mess up the meaning of a word or a whole sentence for that matter by moving a single character back and forth. I’m referring to the humble apostrophe and it irritates me to see it in the wrong place.

Writing tip 6 – when does that become which?

Many people write which when it should be that and vice versa. It’s not the end of the world if you get it wrong because the reader might still understand you, but the meaning of the sentence could change drastically if you do.

My pet hates 8 – overuse of words written in capital letters

Happy New Year! Now is the time to make good on that New Year’s resolution, in my case starting the January diet. Surfing the Internet for weight-loss tips I came upon several websites that appeared to be shouting at me. How?