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My pet hates 12 – company meetings filled with clichés

Stephen Elop, the new CEO of Nokia, used a business cliché recently to describe the situation at the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer. In a memo to employees, he compared it to a man standing on a “burning platform”. For years I’ve been fascinated by the sort of clichés that dominate corporate speak, especially in meetings. […]

Writing tip 9 – keywords are key to understanding

People don’t spend much time reading a text today, they skim through it. I’ve mentioned this before and how we as writers need to catch their attention early, especially online. Your readers need signposts, or keywords, to help them grasp the message they’re about to take in or they may grow impatient and click you […]

My pet hates 11 – earlier today, later this year…

Journalists often write that something happened earlier this year/month/day, or that it’s expected to occur later this year/month/day, but the words earlier and later are usually redundant in this context. Worse, I suspect reporters are sometimes simply lazy.