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My pet hates 13 – reinventing ourselves, such a cliché…

There was a time when companies would simply adapt to new challenges, people would leave one job for another and organisations would introduce a change to regulations without being pretentious about it. Nowadays, however, many companies, people and organisations say they reinvent themselves. Advertisements

Writing tip 10 – Libya and journalists saying the same thing twice

As a former foreign correspondent I’m keen to read up on international news such as the horrible story of Libyan dictator Col Gaddafi cracking down on rebel forces. But I find that some journalists keep creating cases of tautology in referring to pro-government forces. A government force is, by definition, fighting for the government.

Evolving English – British Library tells the story

English is in a mess. New words are being invented and adopted every day, slang words are poisoning the language and spelling is variable. Sounds familiar? This complaint was actually made 300 years ago by one of the most prominent writers of the day.