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British defence minister armed with opaque jargon

Politicians are known for being good at ducking questions and poor at giving straightforward replies. If there was a contest between them,  I believe the British Defence Secretary would stand a good chance at being named jargon master, at least in England. Advertisements

Want to know about grammar? Don’t ask the English-language teacher

I must share with you, dear reader, a revelation about the apparent lack of knowledge of grammar among teachers in Britain. This has been exposed by the architect of a government-funded teaching programme, according to The Times.

Writing tip 13 – U.S. and UK – separated by the same language

George Bernard Shaw apparently once described Britain and the United States as two countries separated by a common language. Of course, many things have different names in U.S. versus British English, for example sidewalk to an American is a pavement to a Brit. Spelling also differs many times, such as color and colour, but the […]