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My pet hates 16 – Dense, daft writing

Fancy some laughter therapy to strengthen your immune system or how about joining a colour therapy session to boost your self-confidence? These are only two healing methods on offer in a directory listing therapy centres in England. Another thing they have in common is muddled writing.

British civil servants told to write proper English

The British Department for Transport has produced a guide that lists grammatical no-no’s for officials, according to newspaper reports. The instructions detail linguistic errors in official documents that annoy Justine Greening, the recently appointed Transport Secretary. I do welcome this initiative!

Writing tip 14 – Want to look stupid? Misspell a word or two

Did you know that separate is the most misspelled word in English? This appears to be the case, at least in Britain, a survey shows. You won’t earn any points for spelling words correctly, but get it wrong a few times and your text will lose credibility.

My pet hates 12 – company meetings filled with clichés

Stephen Elop, the new CEO of Nokia, used a business cliché recently to describe the situation at the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer. In a memo to employees, he compared it to a man standing on a “burning platform”. For years I’ve been fascinated by the sort of clichés that dominate corporate speak, especially in meetings. […]